Named after the now defunct Tevatron particle accelerator that was located at Fermilab in the suburbs of Chicago. The Tevatron is a unique fuzz circuit inspired by a few classic fuzz pedals, but not a copy of any of them. The Tevatron collides a transistor and a opamp to create a new fuzz pedal that sounds both classic and new at the same time. With the Bias, Gain and Fuzz controls the Tevatron is able to achieve a wide variety of fuzz tones, from shades of overdrive, smoother dark fuzz up to higher gain ripping spitty fuzz with plenty of volume on tap. There's a little bit of everything inside the Tevatron.

The V2 Tevatron Fuzz is now available with the option of coming with either a hand selected NOS germanium transistor or a silicon transistor. The germanium transistor equipped Tevatron is lower gain, with a darker more compressed tone. The silicon transistor version is higher gain, a little more open sounding with more “crunch” to the mids and has lower background noise.

  • 100% hand wired, one at a time with all through-hole components on high quality printed circuit boards. PCB design by DIY gurus

  • A hand selected NOS germanium or silicon transistor is used in each pedal

  • All off-board connections are wired using high quality, vintage style cloth covered wire

  • Powder coated enclosures with UV printed graphics

  • Powered by an industry standard 2.1mm 9V power supply only. No need to ever worry about a battery. (9V DC power supply Not Included)

  • Pedalboard friendly 125b size enclosure with top-mounted jacks

  • Lifetime Warranty

Tevatron Fuzz Manual

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