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Named after the now defunct Tevatron particle accelerator that was located at Fermilab in the suburbs of Chicago. The Tevatron is a unique fuzz circuit inspired by a few classic fuzz pedals, but not a copy of any of them. The Tevatron collides a NOS germanium transistor and a opamp IC chip to create a new fuzz pedal that sounds both classic and new at the same time. With the Bias, Gain and Fuzz controls the Tevatron is able to achieve a wide variety of fuzz tones, from shades of overdrive, smoother dark fuzz up to higher gain ripping spitty fuzz with plenty of volume on tap. There's a little bit of everything inside the Tevatron.


  • 100% hand wired on perfboard in the U.S.A. No PCBs or SMD parts

  • A hand selected NOS germanium transistor is used in each pedal

  • Controls, stomp switch and jacks are all wired using high quality, vintage style cloth covered wire

  • Acid etched graphics on raw aluminum by String Theory EFX. You'll never have to worry about these graphics coming off. (Due to the nature of acid etching and the unfinished raw aluminum enclosures, each pedal will come out looking unique)

  • Davies Daka-Ware knobs

  • Powered by a standard 9V power supply only. No need to ever worry about a battery. (9V DC power Supply Not Included)

  • True Bypass

  • Case Dimensions (In Inches): 5.7" x 3.75" x 2"


Price: $265 USD (shipping not included, international shipping available)

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