I present to the pedal lovers of the world the newest addition to the String Theory EFX lineup, the limited edition Sea Of Tranquility Fuzz. Named in honor of the Apollo 11 landing site, the Sea Of Tranquility Fuzz is String Theory's unique take on the legendary germanium fuzz circuit from the 60's that came in a round case.😉 The SoTF is handwired on vintage style tag board featuring NOS germanium transistors, premium Sprague and Mojotone capacitors, carbon comp resistors, Alpha and Bourns pots and vintage style cloth covered wiring. The Sea of Tranquility Fuzz is housed in a folded aluminum case and is finished in a gray hammer tone finish (painted in-house) to evoke a “surface of the moon” look.

What makes the Sea of Tranquility different from the classic fuzz circuit it’s based on and the other modern takes on it?
My goal in creating this pedal was to nail "that" classic fuzz tone, but with added versatility, gain and the ability to run the pedal off of a standard power supply. The pedal features 4 external controls vs. the standard 2 or 3 that are normally on a pedal of this type. The controls are for fuzz, volume, bias and input level. The external bias and input level controls allow the player to easily dial in the pedal to their rig and tonal preference.

How can I get one?
The inaugural limited edition of the Sea of Tranquility fuzz is currently sold out. I may build more in the future if there is enough interest.